Chevrolet Confirms an Electric Corvette Is Coming, and It's AWD

Chevy isn't giving us much to go on, but we can make some educated guesses based on the short teaser video.

What's happening

Chevrolet's Corvette will be going hybrid and full-EV.

Why it matters

Hybrid power will not only make one of America's most iconic sports cars more green, but faster, too!

What's next

A hybrid version will come first, followed by a fully electric Corvette version later.

The Corvette is nearly synonymous with big V8 power, defining the iconic sound of Chevrolet race cars heard roaring around tracks from Lime Rock to Le Mans since the '60s. Now, hot on the heels of the mid-engined C8, Corvette's biggest rethink in history, its powertrain is about to see its own reboot.

Chevrolet on Monday confirmed that an "electrified" Corvette is coming, with a fully electric version to follow. What's the difference? Electrified means some sort of hybridization, possibly meaning a plug-in hybrid system with the ability to cover a short distance in fully EV mode. Fully electric means completely battery-powered and emissions-free.

Those are all the details we have for now, but Chevrolet did release the above teaser video of the Corvette doing a hard launch and some drifting on what appears to be salt flats. Look closely and you can see that the thing is spinning all four wheels. And the eagle-eyed among you will have noted that it's the front wheels that spin first.

If I had to guess, this means we'll see electric motors driving the front wheels and the rear powered by a V8, much like the Acura NSX. That should make for an incredibly powerful setup and one that's even better in low-grip circumstances.

As to the all-electric version? At this point it's anyone's guess what kind of configuration will follow, but if all this is a little too progressive for you, fear not. Chevrolet has also said that traditional, gasoline-powered 'Vettes aren't going anywhere. At least, not yet.