Celebrate the Return of 'Stranger Things' With This Exclusive Timex Collaboration

These cool special edition new watches will take you back in time to the '80s.

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Left to right: The Atlantis, Timex T80 and the Camper. 

To celebrate the return of Stranger Things, Timex collaborated with the show to release three special edition '80s-themed watches that you can get on Timex and Amazon. While there's no end date to this collaborative release, your ability to get these Timex watches may be determined by availability. 

You can choose from three watch models for the low price of $89 in this Timex-Stranger Things collaboration: the Camper (40mm), the Timex T80 (34mm) or the Timex Atlantis (40mm).

So, which watch should you buy? It all depends on your personal preference, or you can grab all three. 

The Atlantis is a resin-banded watch with a Stranger Things-themed melody and an Indiglo light-up dial. It's water-resistant and can be worn in the water, but it's not ideal for diving. 

The Timex T80 is stainless steel, so you can't get it wet, but it also features the Indiglo light feature. 

The Camper has a fabric strap and an Indiglo light-up feature that reveals a hidden message upside down. This watch is also water-resistant, but it's best for short swimming sessions (no diving or snorkeling). 

Any of these watches would be cool to have as a fashion statement or as a collectible. If you're a fan of the show, or you know someone who is, make sure to check out this unique product.