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Destigmatizing mental health and therapy on social media

Social media influencers are championing therapy and self care online. Lily Cornell Silver discusses her IGTV show Mind Wide Open, which focuses on mental health and offer tips for a more positive well-being.

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Young people starting school or looking for their first jobs are struggling as they navigate social media, societal unrest and a historic pandemic. So how are they coping and maintaining their mental health while they're being bombarded with information online? 


Lily Cornell Silver speaks with Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan.

Today's youth are working to destigmatize mental health and therapy. Lily Cornell Silver is one of those voices.

"We don't know anybody who isn't currently struggling with their mental health," Silver says. 

Silver lost her father, rock legend Chris Cornell, to suicide in 2017. With supportive family and friends and ongoing therapy, she has grown into an outspoken advocate for mental health. And at age of 21, she is tackling the issue head-on. 

With the help of her family and a small production team, Silver has developed an online show called Mind Wide Open. The weekly show, which appears on Instagram's IGTV app, allows Silver to share ideas and conversations while shining a light on the issues of mental health, therapy and self care. IGTV's younger demographic was exactly who she wanted to reach.

"In our generation and in our society right now, younger people are facing such a different relationship with mental health issues because there is so much more over-stimulation and so much more information and a different form of chaos than there may have been earlier in history," Silver says. 

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