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Normally $300, the Tovala Smart Oven Is Just $49 for Memorial Day Weekend

The sleek and compact smart oven is back on super sale when you buy six weeks' worth of meals.

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Feast your eyes on one of the biggest discounts we've found yet for Memorial Day Weekend. If you like home-cooked meals but don't totally love the cooking part, you might be a good candidate for a smart oven, specifically the Tovala smart oven, since it's designed to cook preassembled meals to perfection with just the scan of a bar code. The Tovala is a hybrid convection and steam oven and the company sells meals engineered to be cooked in it. But you can use it to make anything you want, of course. The fancy Wi-Fi-connected countertop oven is normally $299, but if your buy it now and order six weeks' worth of Tovala meals, you'll get the intelligent oven at a massively discounted $49

I had a chance to use the Tovala and the ready-to-cook meals are super simple and come out great. You simply scan a QR barcode on the frozen package of barbecue pork chops or cheese frittata and pop it in. The oven takes care of the rest using various and sometimes multiple cooking methods -- steam, bake, roast, convection -- to nail each dish and then pings your phone when it's ready. 

The smallest meal plan is four meals per week and they're $12 each. That means you'll be committed to spending $288 on meals over the course of six weeks to get this deal. But it's not like the money is going nowhere. I mean, you gotta eat, right? And even if you decide you don't love the Tovala meals after six weeks, you'll have yourself a sophisticated countertop toaster oven that can be used without the meals for general toasting, roasting, baking and warming.  

From where I'm sitting, this is an extremely tempting offer on a sleek smart oven. 

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