Oh-so-Comfy Birkenstock Sandals Are Just $75 Right Now (Save $45)

Your favorite summer footwear is on super sale today.

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Ask anyone who owns a pair of Birkenstocks and they'll be glad to tell you how much they love 'em. Just make sure you earmark a few minutes because folks can be pretty passionate about this particular brand of German footwear. "Birks" are famous for molding to your feet after a few weeks, essentially making them a custom piece of footwear. They're also known to last a very long time which is why paying just $75 for a pair is a rather good investment for you and your feet. 

These high-end sandals normally cost $120 but Woot.com has several pairs on sale for today (or until sold out), some as cheap as $75. The best news is they're available in several styles and colors and in many sizes at these discounted prices. 

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